Saturday, August 24, 2013

#4 - Me, myself and I.

O's around the corner. In about 1-2 more months.

And the bad thing is I have not started studying yet. Because I'm lazy. I lack determination. I don't ask when I don't know. And I just give up if I still can't get the answer. I'm too lazy to study. I'm scared of O's but the fear is still not strong enough to push me to study. I'll regret when the fear is finally enough, I know.

Some teachers are also... well...
1997 batch is always the guinea pig. lol thanks. 

I got back my Chinese O's results yesterday. As expected, I didn't do as well as I expected. B3 and a merit for Paper 3. Kinda got "scolded" by my Chinese teacher because she knows I can do better than this but I'm not putting in any effort. 
And yes, I'm retaking.

I have supportive friends that offers to study with me, teach me and a few wanted to treat me to meals and even buy gifts for me if I get 15 points for my O's. My mum's ex colleagues who's studying in uni now offered to help me in my maths too.
Don't want to disappoint anyone but still... I need a cure for my laziness. 
Yes, it's an excuse. But honestly, I wish I'm more hardworking. I'm really really really way too lazy. Probably one of the most lazy girl anyone would ever know.

I'm starting to try to study. I will.



I got tagged to do the "20 Facts About Me" thingy on Instagram by a few of my friends. I've done it! Take a look (Click Here!) and follow if you haven't already done so!

I've done 50 facts about myself on my old blog before but I thought, since this is a new blog, why not do it once more? (: But I'll just do another 20 because I don't really know myself that well either HAHA.

(sigh.. why doesn't iPhone's front camera takes great picture like it's back one. time to carry my camera out more often)

1. I have a soft spot for old people. I want to help them but I don't have the courage to. So I would ask my friends to help them instead.

2. I can't tolerate stupidity. By that I mean people that have no common sense and always ask stupid questions which are pretty obvious.

3. I have an unproportionate body. My thighs are really big for my size. YES I AM FAT.

4. My love for volleyball is indescribable.

5. I miss the times when I draw for fun. Art used to be something I do to have some time on my own but now art is so stressful for me.

6. I love going to places that I've never went before. I love to explore.

7. I love photography and I wish my photography skills improve so it'll allow me to be a photographer in the future.

8. I'm going back to dance with a few of my friends after O's.

9. I AM NOT EMO 24/7 and people need to get that in their head.

10. I'm living in my own world most of the time. Yes, I talk to myself a lot.

11. I want a golden retriever but I'm afraid of dogs. No, I'm afraid of every living thing except humans and plants I guess.

12. My hair looks really thick but no, it's really thin. It just LOOKS thick.

13. I don't have a sweet tooth like most girls. I prefer savoury food.

14. I hate strawberries and I think some girls like it just because it looks really cute and pretty and idk. They're sour like effffff.

15. I wish people understand that I'm not as strong as I seem, so they would know their limits.

16. I'm old fashion. I like written notes, handmade presents, home-cooked meals etc.

17. The older I get, the more afraid I am of celebrating my birthday because I always have the fear of being alone during my birthday.

18. I have loads of haters. Like really a lot and the problem is I have never talk to more than half of them before.

19. I have friends that think I suffer from Autism.

20. I am a fast learner. EXCLUDING STUDIES.


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