Friday, August 16, 2013

#2 - Phantom Of The Opera.

I said I'll blog about P.O.T.O. in another blog post, so here it is! Finally got the pictures into my laptop but please pardon the quality of the picture. Photography was not allowed in the theater so I didn't brought my camera along. All photos were taken with phones.
I have never been to musicals before. I thought they would be boring and a waste of money as their price isn't cheap either (at least for a student like me). But after going for this, I think I'm really shallow for the past 16 years of my life. Because it was great, amazing and errr.. I'm lacking of vocabs.. But you get what I mean. 

My outfit of the night with Robert.
The red heels I wore for Ignite last year almost made me crippled wtf. It's either my legs grew or the shoes shrink because I haven't touched them for about a year. And my blister broke after having it on for an hour so for the whole night, I was walking with a broken blister.

Had 20 minutes to get some food before we go in for the play so we got ourselves some food from Cold Storage and macarons from High Society. Had the hazelnut one and oh my god, it was damn damn good.
And before we went in, a group photo with the sec 4s that went.

No photography of the show allowed in the theater so it's my face my face and again, my face! But still, photos cannot describe how wonderful the play was so I really recommend everyone to go. It's located at Marina Bay Sands. Not sure when it'll end but I know it's still showing! 
Recommend you to get the one at $165 because you'll get a better view of the whole play and I am sure you'll enjoy even more than me. My school got us the one at $125. We were at the 4th level left hand side so the view wasn't really good and the woman in front of me kept on leaning forward so I had to move my head once in a while but I am thankful that I even got to watch it because it is THAT AMAZING!

Ending this post with another picture of MY FACE. haha.
Goodnight lovelies! 

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