Saturday, September 7, 2013

#6 - Don’t worry. Be happy. Because life will love you back if you start appreciating it.

Thursday's plan was changed due to the heavy rain in the morning.
But luckily the day got better after that. 


2 Alexandra Road
#05-04/05 Delta House
Singapore 159919

Tel: 65-6238 0525
Fax: 65-6238 7018

100 Beach Road
#01-25, Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702
10% off because we brave through the storm. hehe

Will probably never gonna post any pics of myself this unglam like the two above anymore.
ya okay you can laugh now.

Was a happy happy girl that day cause food was great and the best thing was Cassandra, Amelia and I got ourselves heels from Payless.
I got 2 pairs that cost only 10bucks each because it was on sale. The original price was $40-$50 plus.
^-^ hehe ^-^


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