Saturday, November 16, 2013

#9 - We can stay forever young.

Olevel was finally over on Monday. Didn't felt any difference. hmm.. is it just me or..?
But one "after O's" effect I felt was my body clock is freaking screwed. I get 5 hours of sleep everyday without feeling tired. Strange. Maybe because I am.
Got some parts of my hair dyed but I'll probably not talk much about it because well... some like it and some don't. And one of the colour has faded quite a little due to the long hours of soaking in chlorine water at Wild Wild Wet. Was hoping the colour could last at least a week because I kinda really like it. Really glad that D was okay with the colour, well he doesn't have a choice haha.

Sec 1 class chalet from Wednesday to Friday, but I came back on Thursday night. And I wasn't free yesterday, that's why I'm only blogging now.
Chalet was great because of the awesome companions that made this chalet a memorable one. 
#nowplaying: Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

We went for night cycling on the first night, so it's from Pasir Ris all the way to BuangKok and then back again. 17.01km in 2-3hours. Woah that's a lot okay. Started at around 1 am so everywhere was dark as hell, especially Old Tampines Road (i don't know where is it, but Ryan told me it's otr so...). Both sides were trees and it's so misty, is that how you call it? It's just scary la because the road was so wide and everyone was kinda separated with some people riding really fast and others at the back. And we were going against the traffic, with big trucks driving pass us every now and then. Narrow pavements, carrying our bikes over bridges, etc. Once is enough. It's fun and exciting but no I don't recommend it because it's quite dangerous.
But stilllllllll...... Another tick off my YOLO list!

I still don't have the "we're not gonna go school together anymore" feel with my schoolmates currently because it feels just like any other holiday. I would probably feel it after another month. But I'm pretty sure I'll miss everyone.. The 4 years felt more like 4 months. Everything happen too fast. But I hope everyone feels the same so there will be more possibility to meet up. Secondary school is the place where everyone witness each other growing. The appearance changes the most and you get more mature. That's probably why more people remember secondary friends rather than primary school ones after they get older, because we are young adults, right?
Okay, I'll leave the secondary school thingy for another post.
So I have totally no plans for the holiday, just doing what comes to my mind but I'll probably be working on the weekends since I can't meet D. Yep, I'm lifeless now because my world revolves around him. I'm only going out with him or Niko, so if both of them are busy then that's my "rest day" to nua at home hehe.
If you guys know of any job to intro, let me know on my askfm at the sidebar! Will really appreciate it.


I'll blog more and try my best to get back the readers I had in my old blog.
I miss blogging so much. ):

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