Thursday, December 5, 2013

#12 - Rainbow for hair, because you only live once.

Advertorial Post:

Well, after going 1 month, I finally decided to blog about my hair. My dyed hair. Because I want to show you guys the process. Haha, okay I'm just lazy and I thought that no one will be interested so I didn't BUT BUT BUT, there's a reason for me to blog about it today. You'll find out very soon!

Intially, I wanted blue highlights all over my black/brown hair. Not the one strands kind of highlight, but more of toning? It's like dying sections of hair that are underneath your base colour, so it'll have the peek-a-boo effect. I don't know, I'm not very sure about hair terms.

But after doing some research and asking around, many hair salons either don't have the tone of blue I wanted or they just wouldn't do it for me because of the condition of my hair. So I settled for Purple and Green.
I did one big section at the bottom and a small section on the back Purple, and the two sides green. But the purple turn out a little too pink from what I expected it to be. I don't know what got into me but I thought since I won't be this young anymore, why not try weird combinations and regret it later rather than doing safe colours and regret not going wilder when I get older.

So tada, that's my hair colour right after I got it dyed. Oh ya, and I had to bleach my hair for about 30-45 minutes to achieve this colour.
And with normal treatment, it costed me $300. YES WTF.

And this is how it looks when I tie up my hair, on the same day.

The next day, I had a class chalet and we went to Wild Wild Wet on the 2nd day.
I have no idea if it's because of the chlorine in the water or whatever but the lower sections of hair dye faded a lot because I did not tie my hair. The colour faded into a very ashy gold with a little baby pink. As for the green, the shiny-glossy colour faded off and I'm quite happy about it because it looked less like extensions.

And this is how my hair looks 1-2 days after my chalet ended. 

And below, the photo is taken last week.

And this two are taken yesterday.

The lower section of the purple has completely turned gold but the upper section faded to the ashy gold with baby pink. The green is still going strong although the lower section has faded to ash green with a little gold.
My hair looks very horrible now and I can't wait to dye my hair again but going to the salon that do not understand what you actually wanted but you still have to pay them is just.... urgh a waste of money.


And since crazy colours for hair is still pretty in trend right now......
why not do it yourself?
I mean bleaching, you can go to a salon and get them to do it for you because I know nuts about bleaching la and I believe it's safer there. But if you know how to, you definitely can do it yourself, if you know where to get the bleach.

Have you guys heard about La Riche Directions and Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes? They are really popular brands of Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes. And I believe it'll work so much better than what the salon did to my hair, at a much much much cheaper rate.

Glitzy Glory carries both La Riche Directions and Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes at a low price.
Both takes only 10-14 days to arrive once orders are sent in. Usually, it takes about 1 month to arrive, trust me, I've done research and read reviews about these hair dyes.
With free gift for purchases 5 and above and free home delivery (usual price $5) for purchases 10 and above.
Which means items will reach you safely, to your doorstep!! Join orders with your friends and safe on delivery fee!

Why choose La Riche Directions?
Because it contains no harsh chemicals, which means you can leave it on your hair for a long period for the colour to set in! They are also vegan friendly! The colours available are not the ones you want? No worries! You can mix the colours yourself because all La Riche dyes are compatible.

The website stated that the both La Riche Directions and Manic Panic usually only last between 4-12 washes but I've seen it last for months! I swear. 
If you're still skeptical about the products, you can google it and look for reviews about them. Most reviews are positive about how long the colours last or how vibrant the colours are.

BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT mix them with bleach.

Get your "Tumblr Hair" with Glitzy Glory now!





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