Sunday, February 9, 2014

#16 - Late CNY

Went CNY visiting at Amelia and Cassandra's house with Dan and Ying Zhi on Tuesday.
Was a pretty fun day except that my lens decided to give me and infection on the left eye.

I'm still surprised that my hair hasn't become full blonde or pink or turquoise or some crazy colours. 
Dan hates that idea and I haven't rebel on him yet.. and hopefully I would never but that is kinda impossible, right? (;

New shoes that gave me blisters. *pout* 
I can never find a pair of shoes that can fit exactly, it's always either too big or too small. Am I the only one?

Anyway, these pictures are taken using the landscape mode instead of the usual portrait and close-up mode. I thought it did a pretty good job, in fact it's better than the other two modes I've been using ever since I got my camera.
Do you like it? Because I love it.


Haven't been blogging a lot, but I'll try to update this space every now and then even though there ain't much souls left around here.
I still do check my views okay!


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