Saturday, March 29, 2014

#22 - Danro Japanese Hotpot Buffet.

Hello everybody!
Dan and I gave Danro Japanese Hotpot Buffet at Nex yesterday. And we're pretty sure, it's a lot more worth it than Seoul Garden because of the quality of the food. 
But we kinda got cheated into going that restaurant.. Because the banners on the escalator stated $17.90++ with 100 over choices to choose from. Which turns out to be $30/pax. I guess $17.90++ are for children during lunch period.. And I'm pretty sure there weren't 100 over choices to there. But it's okay! Because we were both satisfied at the end of the meal.

They have 9 different broth from different regions of Japan for you to choose from, and we chose the Chicken and Milk Broth and Chicken Spicy Broth which can be refilled ourselves. And both of us love love love it!

They had sushis and desserts too which I didn't try because I wasn't that starving hungry so I didn't wanted to put rice into my tummy. But their half-cooked egg, cooked food and the pork belly slices were major gums! Thumbs up for the pork belly slices! We didn't get to try their famous Kiritanpo though cause we didn't see it. ):
But their sesame ice cream and yuzu sorbet was really good though ^^

DANRO Japanese Hot Pot Buffet by MOF
Serangoon NEX #02-04/06
Tel: +65 6634 4608
Operating hours: 
Mon-Thurs, Sun & PH 11:30am-3:30pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm; 
Fri-Sat & Eve PH 11:30am – 3:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm


Sunday, March 23, 2014

#21 - Panic Attack.

So that day when I was at the dental with Dan, suddenly while looking at the date, I realised I forgot to wished Amelia happy birthday. And no presents. Which had already passed 3 days. I was really panicking.. Wondering how I should explain and apologise to her. 
So I typed a really long message, and before I wanted to send, I confirmed the month with Dan again and TADA. It's only March this month and her birthday's in April. And all along I thought this month was April.. lol..

That was stupid..

Alright, have a good night everybody!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#20 - Artease.

Had an impromptu supper/dinner date at with Amelia and Cass just now at Artease. Initially, I wanted to go down for ChompChomp for dinner but Amelia was feeling more for dessert so I settled dinner myself and waited for the time to pass.

So I played around with the apps on my new MacBook Pro. It costed me $4k wtf. I'm still trying to get use to using Mac because I was a Windows user before I decided that Mac would benefit me more since I got into a designing course. Really really hoping I'll love it more than Windows because my previous one is gonna die on me very soon. *cross fingers*

Played with Photo Booth and some apps I downloaded on App Store hehe ^.^

I got cheated. Both of them were famished and I was about 70% full because of my late dinner. )-:

They ordered Egg Sandwich with Flavoured Milk Tea (Ginger) and Tuna Sandwich with Salted Caramel Milk Tea. The Egg Sandwich was smelling really good the whole time, guessing it'll be on my to-order list when I'm there again which will be very very soon because it's just like just 5-7 minutes walk from the place I stay?! 

I ordered my usual Double Chocolate Brownie and Roasted Rice Milk Tea which taste very similar to Sakae Sushi's Green Tea but in the form of milk tea.

I love impromptu dates like this! Do you? Hehe.

Artease Serangoon

Blk 261, Serangoon Central
Singapore 550261

I came across this quote today and I thought it's pretty cute!
"Live positive like a kettle. Even if you get burned at the bottom, you still blow whistles."


Thursday, March 13, 2014

#19 - Curls.

Just reached home and immediately came up here to blog. Too hardworking *pats on the back* hehe. Today had been a great day out with Amelia. Had our Sakae Sushi date at Scape. I swear after today, I'm gonna start controlling my food intake because I weighed myself yesterday and WHAT THE FUCK, I gained so so so much weight, and I'm so depressed. I know I should weigh in the night because it isn't accurate but whatever, the point is I'm way too fat now and I gotta stop going buffets with Dan. )':
Alright.. That aside, today was awesome!

Saw a really pretty jacket/cardigan at H&M for freaking 20bucks! It's original price was $59.90. It's a really similar piece with the one at NastyGal which cost about $80-100. It was such a great deal but I decided to put it back to the rack when I was queuing up halfway.. because the material's pretty thin and.. well..
It's okay!
We were approached by some Silkygirl's staffs and we got to do our hair for free, so why not. Was feeling kinda embarrassed though cause a lot of people were walking pass.. But our hair turned out pretty decent! And I got myself 2 bottles of body mist from Victoria Secret and and and some laptop stickers! ^^

Curls on me. Yay or nay?
Posted it up on Instagram just now and I got positive response ^-^ but I'm still not sure about it.. I guess I look a bit more mature with curls? But a little less boring than my straight hair lol.

#01-03, Cathay Cineleisure 
8 Grange Road
Tel: 6235 6966
Straight or curls?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#18 - When I found you I was blessed.

I look kinda bad in this picture because the sun was really bright and we took us quite a bit of effort to open our eyes for this picture. Oh well.

Always start a post feeling determined to keep it as alive as possible but as soon as I finish reading the post after I publish it, I lazy me wakes up. Hopefully this time, she'll sleep a little longer.
Good news, I've been accepted at NAFA and school starts in July. Yayyyyyyy *jumps around* BUT, now the fear of being alone is coming back. I never ever liked the idea of trying to adapt to a new environment because I don't like approaching people first until they initiate to talk to me. So actually, I'm not fierce or unfriendly like how people that don't know me says. I just can't bring myself to walk to a complete stranger and start a conversation, not giving a fuck if they'll like me or not. My self-esteem is THAT low..

I got an invitation for the McDonald's All Day Breakfast Blogger's Party. Wanted to go but it was an individual invite so no plus 1. AND THAT SUCKS. Because AGAIN, I don't like to initiate a conversation with strangers. And I'd probably not know anyone there, so nah.

I miss the boy. He's at Taiwan and he's only gonna be back on the 17th. After getting to know what happened to #MH370, I can't stop worrying when he's on the plane. He had already safely arrived there but I can't stop worrying until he safely reach home in Singapore. It has only been 2 days, but I can't wait for him to come back already. Still wondering how it'll be if he goes to serve NS or go overseas with his school for 6 freaking months. That's like half a year mind you. Overly attached girlfriend here *waves*.

Oh, anyway I've been obsessed with a song recently. Okay, not recently, but maybe since last night. It's "Imagine Me Without You" by Akama Miki.
Have you guys heard about her before?