Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#18 - When I found you I was blessed.

I look kinda bad in this picture because the sun was really bright and we took us quite a bit of effort to open our eyes for this picture. Oh well.

Always start a post feeling determined to keep it as alive as possible but as soon as I finish reading the post after I publish it, I lazy me wakes up. Hopefully this time, she'll sleep a little longer.
Good news, I've been accepted at NAFA and school starts in July. Yayyyyyyy *jumps around* BUT, now the fear of being alone is coming back. I never ever liked the idea of trying to adapt to a new environment because I don't like approaching people first until they initiate to talk to me. So actually, I'm not fierce or unfriendly like how people that don't know me says. I just can't bring myself to walk to a complete stranger and start a conversation, not giving a fuck if they'll like me or not. My self-esteem is THAT low..

I got an invitation for the McDonald's All Day Breakfast Blogger's Party. Wanted to go but it was an individual invite so no plus 1. AND THAT SUCKS. Because AGAIN, I don't like to initiate a conversation with strangers. And I'd probably not know anyone there, so nah.

I miss the boy. He's at Taiwan and he's only gonna be back on the 17th. After getting to know what happened to #MH370, I can't stop worrying when he's on the plane. He had already safely arrived there but I can't stop worrying until he safely reach home in Singapore. It has only been 2 days, but I can't wait for him to come back already. Still wondering how it'll be if he goes to serve NS or go overseas with his school for 6 freaking months. That's like half a year mind you. Overly attached girlfriend here *waves*.

Oh, anyway I've been obsessed with a song recently. Okay, not recently, but maybe since last night. It's "Imagine Me Without You" by Akama Miki.
Have you guys heard about her before?


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