Thursday, March 13, 2014

#19 - Curls.

Just reached home and immediately came up here to blog. Too hardworking *pats on the back* hehe. Today had been a great day out with Amelia. Had our Sakae Sushi date at Scape. I swear after today, I'm gonna start controlling my food intake because I weighed myself yesterday and WHAT THE FUCK, I gained so so so much weight, and I'm so depressed. I know I should weigh in the night because it isn't accurate but whatever, the point is I'm way too fat now and I gotta stop going buffets with Dan. )':
Alright.. That aside, today was awesome!

Saw a really pretty jacket/cardigan at H&M for freaking 20bucks! It's original price was $59.90. It's a really similar piece with the one at NastyGal which cost about $80-100. It was such a great deal but I decided to put it back to the rack when I was queuing up halfway.. because the material's pretty thin and.. well..
It's okay!
We were approached by some Silkygirl's staffs and we got to do our hair for free, so why not. Was feeling kinda embarrassed though cause a lot of people were walking pass.. But our hair turned out pretty decent! And I got myself 2 bottles of body mist from Victoria Secret and and and some laptop stickers! ^^

Curls on me. Yay or nay?
Posted it up on Instagram just now and I got positive response ^-^ but I'm still not sure about it.. I guess I look a bit more mature with curls? But a little less boring than my straight hair lol.

#01-03, Cathay Cineleisure 
8 Grange Road
Tel: 6235 6966
Straight or curls?

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