Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#20 - Artease.

Had an impromptu supper/dinner date at with Amelia and Cass just now at Artease. Initially, I wanted to go down for ChompChomp for dinner but Amelia was feeling more for dessert so I settled dinner myself and waited for the time to pass.

So I played around with the apps on my new MacBook Pro. It costed me $4k wtf. I'm still trying to get use to using Mac because I was a Windows user before I decided that Mac would benefit me more since I got into a designing course. Really really hoping I'll love it more than Windows because my previous one is gonna die on me very soon. *cross fingers*

Played with Photo Booth and some apps I downloaded on App Store hehe ^.^

I got cheated. Both of them were famished and I was about 70% full because of my late dinner. )-:

They ordered Egg Sandwich with Flavoured Milk Tea (Ginger) and Tuna Sandwich with Salted Caramel Milk Tea. The Egg Sandwich was smelling really good the whole time, guessing it'll be on my to-order list when I'm there again which will be very very soon because it's just like just 5-7 minutes walk from the place I stay?! 

I ordered my usual Double Chocolate Brownie and Roasted Rice Milk Tea which taste very similar to Sakae Sushi's Green Tea but in the form of milk tea.

I love impromptu dates like this! Do you? Hehe.

Artease Serangoon

Blk 261, Serangoon Central
Singapore 550261

I came across this quote today and I thought it's pretty cute!
"Live positive like a kettle. Even if you get burned at the bottom, you still blow whistles."


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