Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#24 - Change.

"The moment when you burst into tears in your room and realise that no one knows how unhappy you are."

I don't know why but maybe because I haven't the fact that things have changed and that things wouldn't be the way it were. I'm not used to not talking to not talking to you everyday, the way you made me smile and laugh till my last breath, your warm and comfortable hugs, our jokes, our memories, our conversations, you. Maybe, just maybe, I lost a part of me.

It has been less than 24hours. She couldn't take it, she took the initiative. She gave excuses just to see him a little while without seemingly feel like she really needs him.

It feels so bad. So so bad. Stabbing myself continuously at the same spot would probably not hurt as much. It hurts so much, you just want to drown yourself in alcohol and hope you'll never feel again.


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