Monday, June 2, 2014

#36 - Live for the moment.

Impromptu meet up. The amount of photos and laughter we had was crazy. Not even kidding. Have I mentioned that I love impromptu meet ups like this? I think I did. Even though I woke up feeling like a dead fish because I caught a cold which I have completely no idea how that happened, I'm still glad my first day night of June was spent with people that made me laugh till I grew abs. lol not literally but..... hey at least I'm happy! And I guess that's the most important thing to me right now.
Some people said I'm lifeless. It's true, I'm quite lifeless right now because I have nothing to do at home everyday so anyone that calls me out, I pretty much agree immediately. C'mon la, I'm just having with different people. Nothing wrong with that.

A million shots to get this... "I'm a freaking aeroplane weeeeeeee!" -____- 
How do you like the creepy smiley I drew on my face? Haha *insert laugh w/ tears emoji* lol
Goodnight sweethearts.

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