Monday, June 9, 2014

#37 - Thoughts.

Am I really that hard to handle? I guess so, since that's what everybody says.

I don't understand humans. Why can't we be more open about our feelings. That's what I hate about humans. Always keeping everything to ourselves. By the time you choose to let it out, it's probably too late. No one knows what is gonna happen the next minute, or even second. Anything can happen. Would you rather live regretting something you did not do or regretting something you did? I would go for the latter.

I'm pretty addicted to Tumblr recently, and I'm finding my accounts to follow. And so, I came across this on Tumblr and I thought I should share it. 
"Become your own best friend. Over the years I have had to learn to become my own best friend. There were many nights I spent crying myself to sleep, sad and lonely with almost every given heartache. Over time I realised that I had to learn to comfort myself to overcome the pain. It's a process, and I'm still learning how to do it, but I've gotten so much better. I can honestly say that I'm my own best friend. Goal: Love yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your very best friend. You deserve the same love you give to others."
I don't think I'll ever get bored of Tumblr.

And I created Dayre too, which I update every single day. Follow me, thanks.

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