Saturday, June 14, 2014

#39 - Just curious.

I was checking my page views a minute ago and i realised it's 3 times more than my usual and I'm like OMG! Cause I haven't got this much page views ever since I closed down my old blog which had all my "ahlian-days" post. Not as much as then but still I'm so happy even though most views might be because of my 'boobs' photo -_____- IT'S MY OOTD for fuck sake..

Moving on.

I wanted to blog out of the blue because something crossed my mind and I really wanted to know why. Why are some people so heartless to someone they used to love? I'm not pinpointing anyone, just generalising. For example, some people choose to leak out nude photos of their ex after they had broken up. Or try to embarrass them in front of everybody. Why do people hate someone they used to claim was their everything? It's weird, isn't it? How can you hate someone that was once yours so much, to the extent of ruining their life?

Maybe you say mean things to them because you want them to let go of you or maybe you have your reasons. But in my opinion, it's stupid, immature and selfish. You're hurting yourself (if your intention was good that is..) and someone that you claimed was your world. It's not like he or she would love you any less just because of the mean things you do to them, if she was serious with you. 

I know I know.. I'm just a seventeen year old, what do I know about love? Well... I'm just curious, that's all. If you can feed my curiosity, please let me know. My is right at the side bar. 

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